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There was a time - Regular Voltaire

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January 1st, 2011

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12:04 am - There was a time
The moist morning air was slowly being warmed as the sun rose lazily. Highlands had great fresh air, and none was fresher than early morning mountain air. Nothing too cold. But still, it was cold enough to give myself some excuse to be lazy. As I should be.

Should I laze in bed? Or make myself hot coffee? Or maybe I'd just go for a run. Yes. The third choice seemed the most appealing, after all. And so I bounded out of bed and into the bath to wash my face and attend to the necessaries. The splash of cold water on my face was all that I needed to break with dreamland and to seize the waxing day. Okay, bathroom affairs done. So, now I shall dress for a run.

Warm clothes, but not too warm. A compression tight and a light fleece pullover. All black. I liked it; there was no need to wear high-visibility clothing when the sun would be out. But right out the door, it didn't at all seem clear that the sun was, indeed, all out there. The clear air was not misty, not quite. But the sky was a touch of gray and the air now seemed soggy. No matter. I was prepared to go for a run already, and so run I certainly shall.

The first footfall lands on the slightly damp tarmac of the road that runs past the cottage. It was a good road and thankfully, only just a gentle ascent. The path was just a touch windy, with nary a tree in sight. All was green with blades of grass, or rocky, and the view far away was of mountain tops. Not the jagged peaks of alpine peaks, but rounded, worn down and older mounds made gentler still by the mossy growth that clung to the flatter surfaces on them.

The path takes me downhill after a couple of minutes, and here I can enjoy what I regard the highlight of this running path. There is a gigantic lake beside the road, about a kilometre down, and after that the road runs alongside the lakeshore for miles on. Water and tarmac make for a great combination, as long as they don't get too close to one another. There is so much beauty to behold along the way. It makes running so much more fun.

There was a time when I used to run for the money. Yes, a professional. That doesn't make sense for an Asian guy, or at least shouldn't have. But somehow, it worked. I was there, nicking the tape and getting my face in all of the running papers, if not the actual sports pages (since running isn't exactly EPL, PGA or NBA). Those were heady days. But they were now in the past. This was the present. Cold air, quiet roads that lead nowhere but go past spectacular scenery. I really like the present.

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